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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Take A Seat to Learn How To Take A Knee Teabow would be Proud of AfterEarth

Jaden Smith in a powerful moment of AfterEarth

I really have to hand it to Will Smith. The movie AfterEarth was an awesome movie that contained family values, drama, action, suspense and science fiction. What I like most about the movie was the lack of profanity, sexual innuendo, and useless violence.

As a fan of Anime this movie most definitely would make a great mini series. Seeing the father/son relationship play out was really great. The tension caused by different expectations of the generations could be felt through the screen.

The designs of the ships, costumes and the city were highly creative. I'm glad that Will is standing up and living the values of courage, faith, and love. See the movie if you want to know more about the plot. I will just say I think that Teabow would give his stamp of approval on this movie.

Tim Teabow in is signature stance

Friday, May 3, 2013

Mother's Day 2013 with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

It was years ago when my sister Agatha, used to go to the Alvin Ailey Dance School. That was back when I was still in college at Kean University (then known as Kean College). This was back in the 80's. I remember going to see her perform in a recital. That was the second time I saw the dancers of Alvin Ailey perform live.

Courtesy of the njpac.com
This Mother's Day, I'm going to see the what this years Troupe is up to. The four selections that will be featured that afternoon are Another Night / Petite Mort / In/Side / Revelations.

Another Night is coreographed by Kyle Abraham. It's creation was inspired by the music of Dizzy Gillespie when performed by the drummer Art Blakey.

Jiri Kylian is the Coreographer of Petite Mort. This piece is said to demonstrate the versatility of dance troupe's dancing styles.

What are a man's most private struggles? That is what is explored by Choreographer Robert Battle in "In/Side". Robert Battle is also the Artistic Director of the dance troupe.

The main course of the afternoon is Revelations, which was choreographed by the late Alvin Aliey. This ballet premiered in 1960 and has be a main stay ever since. So it looks like I'm going to be in for a treat.

You can find out more information or purchase tickets at http://www.njpac.org/events/detail/alvin-ailey-american-dance-theater

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Trip To Bountiful Review by the Crown Prince of Web 2.0

It was time to do something different. For months I had just been watch anime, bollywood, gollywood and sci-fi shows on the Internet. I had seen the movie Red Tails, and in March I was watching all the episodes of Deep Space Nine.

I mentioned those two things in particular because little did I know was I going to see two of the actors live practicing the craft. The two actors are Cuba Gooding Jr and Vanessa Williams.

Mr. Gooding was one of the stars of Red Tails. A film about a Black Fighter squadon fighting in World War II. Mrs. Williams was a guest star in an episode of Deep Space Nine. I've been a modest fan of both for years.

I got to see both of these Icons playing with a third Icon, Cicely Tyson. The play The Trip To Bountiful which is scheduled to open Wednesday April 23. The play was piece of Black Americana.

It was interesting to see how comfortable it felt watching Black People play in roles that were originally performed by Whites. It remind much of what life is like today even though the play was set in 50's even with the reminds of the racial situation of the times subtle displayed in the set of the play's bus station.

Ms. Tyson and Mrs. Williams really worked well with each other. Everytime either one made an innuedo, the other's character came to mind. Mr. Gooding and also Ms. Condola Rashad played the roles exceedingly well. I could really feel the tension of the inner decisions both characters had to struggle with.

This was really good clean fun on a Sunday afternoon and I recommend that you take your family to see it. For more information on the play you can go to The Trip to Bountiful Broadway

Thursday, June 10, 2010

'Black Business Works-Queens--Thank you!'

'Black Business Works-Queens--Thank you!' This was a very powerful event that is still reaping benefits. I hope that you all make the next one.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Billboard #7 Current Jazz Album is by Jeff Sparks - Congrats

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Magic Power Coffee - You never had coffee like this before!

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