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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Take A Seat to Learn How To Take A Knee Teabow would be Proud of AfterEarth

Jaden Smith in a powerful moment of AfterEarth

I really have to hand it to Will Smith. The movie AfterEarth was an awesome movie that contained family values, drama, action, suspense and science fiction. What I like most about the movie was the lack of profanity, sexual innuendo, and useless violence.

As a fan of Anime this movie most definitely would make a great mini series. Seeing the father/son relationship play out was really great. The tension caused by different expectations of the generations could be felt through the screen.

The designs of the ships, costumes and the city were highly creative. I'm glad that Will is standing up and living the values of courage, faith, and love. See the movie if you want to know more about the plot. I will just say I think that Teabow would give his stamp of approval on this movie.

Tim Teabow in is signature stance

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