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Monday, May 4, 2009

Why Rich Blacks Won't Work Together


I just wanted to share this article written by David Farad with you. I found it quite illuminating. Let me know what you think.

Why Rich Black Folks Won't Work Together

sure you have heard it many times over and over. You would be intheir
same tax bracket if you had a dime for every time a Black personsaid
"why won't Oprah, Bill Cosby, Denzel, Bob Johnson, Jay-Z, or anyof the
other rich celebrities and athletes work together to build orbuy-out a
company which would in turn create opportunities for thecommon members
of the Black Community"?

It doesn't take a Harvard Grad to
figure out that if rich Black peoplepooled their resources, started or
bought-out existing profitablecompanies, and hired the Black talent
that is otherwise languishing incorporate America (or Gov't) making
lot's of money for non-Black ownedorganizations, then there would be a
profound change in ourcommunities. Especially since this would be the
model and example thatyoung Blacks see and they in turn will mimic and
repeat the cyclegeneration after generation. Common sense right? What
are they waitingfor? Why won't they meet, plan, and formulate
strategies to build,grow, support, and create Black Business since they
have all thatmoney?!


Well................here's the answer...............They
don'twork together and they aren't creating opportunities for the
commonmembers of the Black Community or future generations for the
samereason that ordinary common Black folks aren't working together
tobuild, grow, support, and create Black Business for themselves
andfuture generations which is:

1. FEAR - Fear of failure, Fear of Loss, Fear of what others might think if we embrace our Blackness. (The opposite of fear is FAITH)!
2. Mistrust - Lack of trust in working with other Black folks.
3. Complacency & Apathy - The "I got mine, get yours" mentality.


other words, we want them to unite, take the risks, do the work,
andmake sacrifices, but we won't do it! You see, if the common working
manand woman were to do what we are asking the rich Black folks to
do,then we wouldn't need them to do anything because our collective
wealthis far greater than the wealth of all the rich Black folks
combined. Soinstead of expecting or asking them to do it, we should do

We should work together to build and support Black Business,
pool ourresources, recycle and re-circulate Black dollars, create
BlackOrganizations and Institutions and fund and support them. What are
wewaiting for? Future generations are counting on us. They will model
ourexamples but we must like Barak Obama said "be the change we have
beenwaiting for"! Then the future generations of rich Black folks will
doit automatically.

Well, many of us are not waiting! In fact,
there are numerous Blackorganizations that are doing this and more!
Organizations that areactually "taking action"and working
together to build and support Black Business and empowerourselves
economically by practicing Cooperative Economics. It's just amatter of
finding them, linking up and becoming a part of these typesof
organizations. One such organization is The Black Business Builders Club (BBBC) found at http://hudsonliberty.com/dumff/women.


BBBC is an exclusive club of black professionals who are
workingtogether to build and support Black Business,
recycle/re-circulateBlack dollars, and create opportunities, and earn
money from home. Thebusiness model of the BBBC allows us to link up
with like-minded,professional Black people from all over who desire to
work together toharness the wealth of our communities and "do" our part
in "doing" whatmany ask of only the rich.

So don't wait on the
rich! Join the BBBC today and work together withus and be a part of the
"movement" to earn, build, grow, support andcreate Black Businesses and

p.s. Our new Essence Group can be found at http://essenceonline.ning.com/group/blackbusinessbuilders

p.s.s. Look for the Black Business Builders Club in the June 2009 Edition of Black Enterprise Magazine!!


Warm Regards,

David Farad, Founder http://nubiansurfer.com?r=58147
Black Business Builder Member

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