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Monday, December 31, 2007

It's Live

Streaming Video/Audio bring the web experience to new levels. If you could do a live show what would you do it on? Would it be fiction or non-fiction, comedy or drama? Let me know.

Managing Large Groups On BlackPlanet.com

I started out on BlackPlanet.com in 1999. I had learned about it in a Yahoo Chat room. It was absolutely amazing.

To see so many black people on the internet was mind boggling. It was at a time when I was homeless. I had heard about a search engine site call "Ask Jeeves".

At that time I was living in an abandoned funeral parlor on Clinton Avenue in Newark. It was just before the big blizzard that year. My only possessions at that time were a few pair of clothes, maybe two pairs of shoes, some drug paraphernalia and a radio. I also had a ton of fiction books to read.

I was messing around with some of the local hookers and when the blizzard hit I ran into one of them. I didn't have any money, but she had just left a guy in a motel room who was loaded. She told me that she was tired of him. Tired of the drugs he had for her and just wanted to be with someone else. That someone was me for the moment.

We went to the abandoned house she was frequenting and she got me high. I wanted to do the deed, but she just wasn't feeling it. So we talked. Then she said to me "You've got to get a better hustle."

Those words motivated me to want to write and publish another book. Before I had became homeless, I had self-published. The book hadn't done that well, but I sold a few copies. I attribute the lack of sales do to lack of marketing effort. The books that did sell came from News Releases.

So how does a homeless man write a book? I started with a spiral notepad and I started a story called Escapades at the Honeymooners which was based on my using days. At that time I didn't think that I had a problem. I was always looking at the stopping, never looking at the using. As you can see from the title, I wanted to utilized the popularity of the Jackie Gleason Show. Shadows of great things to come.

Still being homeless I didn't have a computer with word processing abilities. I went to the local library and they had internet access. And what I did a search for free internet email services. If I could use a word processor I figured I would email myself the chapter.


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Making Time Out For Your Friends

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One thing about being on the internet as a full time marketer I get to meet a lot of people. Some people are just user names, other people have become part of my life.

The internet is a fun and wonderful place where we can express ourselves and creative talents like no other media. An important part of enjoying the internet is not taking it too seriously.

Don't bet the house mortgage on a business opportunity if you don't know a thing about the internet. People may say it is easy. They may tell you that you don't have to anything but fork over the cash and you will get rich. Don't believe the hype.

The following is a quote from Stop Being A Victim by Dave Gray
"If you were a crook and all you cared about was getting lots of people to send you money, how would you go about it?

Would you tell people that they need to work hard? Probably not. After all, most people are pretty busy and they may be working hard already.

No, you'd probably tell people that it's easy to make money on the Internet... in fact it's so easy that they can make money while they're sleeping!

You'd tell them they don't need to do anything... they don't need to know anything... all they need to do is to send you some money and they'll get rich!

You'd tell them that you're an expert at making money on the Internet... or in stocks... or in real estate... or in exchanging foreign currencies (FOREX)... or in exchanging digital currencies over the Internet... or whatever you think people will believe... and that you can make a lot more money (and you're willing to share it with them) if they'll send you some money!

That's exactly what you'd do if you were an Internet crook!"

Awareness is the key. Not everyone on the internet has your best interest at heart. We have use judgment when dealing with people.

Let's briefly look at another aspect is online romance:

Lot's of crooks are playing with people emotions saying that they are seeking "TRUE LOVE". It's a con people. They want to get into your bank accounts.

I had one person approach me the other day. I replied in my chat "Do you have $5,000?". I then said, "Send the money via Western Union". To which they replied I was a scammer. LOL

No I wasn't the scam artist. I saw through where that person was going. Trying to get to my banking information.

It's cool to meet people on the Internet. I've met many people both on and off-line. You just need to be careful. Let other people know when you are going me new people. While we all wish we lived in a Perfect World, some people are sicker than others.

Well I'd love to hear what you have to say on the matter. The book Stop Being A Victim is featured in our book club on Rotatrix Friends

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Devils In Our Midst

With the New Stadium in Newark, NJ, excitement and interest in the NJ Devils is growing. With that in mind My Perfect Network Answer wants to know who do you think is the Best NJ Devil of All Time.

* Viacheslav Fetisov D, 1989-95
* Doug Gilmour LW, 1996-98
* Lanny McDonald, RW, 1979-81 (Colorado Rockies)
* Peter Stastny, C, 1990-93
* Scott Stevens, D, 1991-2004

are all members of the Hall of Fame? But who is really the best? Join our group NJ Devils Fans and let us know. Also how is your Fantasy Hockey Team doing this season? Share your tips and tricks for that winning combination.

What's a sport's group doing on a business themed Social Network Site? The answer should be obvious. Professional Sports has the best of the best in it rank. Forget about all the scandals, the drugs, and the misconduct by some members. It took a lot of hard work, effort and discipline to make it to the Minors.

Those are the qualities that are need to survive in business. A burning desire to win, reach the next level of development, and surpass past accomplishment are the exist in the winners of business.

It is a wonderful place to see how the ability to work with a team pays off. How even if one meets with defeat on the field, victory is still achieved by not quitting.

There are other benefits to sports. It provides a healthy diversion from business as usual. It also provides a reason to come together and bond. Bonding is a key point in social networking so My Perfect Network Answer address this. The Devils is the first fan group on the site, but the promotes expect that with other sports rivalry going on a NY Rangers groups won't be too far behind.

New Jersey Devils Fan on My Perfect Network Answer

Monday, December 24, 2007

How To Market Good Naked

Did you know that four out of five American women today say they are dissatisfied with their bodies? http://hudsonliberty.com/1minute.html To help change their perception, Lifetime Television has crossed the Atlantic and brought Britain's hit reality series "How to Look Good Naked" to the States. Hosted by Carson Kressley ("Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"), the show teaches women of all shapes and sizes how to go from self-loathing to self-loving without resorting to interventions like extreme dieting or cosmetic surgery.

Just like the show talks about and teaches. Marketing on today's internet requires the same type of getting to the heart of the matter. Strip away all the flash and get down to who you are.

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Once that is done you can get to an effective my story. You can share your failures as well as your triumphs. Clarence Coggins is looking to bring real hard core marketing to the average person and small business on South Street. The reason why South Street is mentioned because everyone looks at Main Street. It's the merchants on the side streets that are in E.R. Condition.

Check out both programs. One on Looking Good Naked. The other on Marketing Good Naked

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