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Monday, December 31, 2007

It's Live

Streaming Video/Audio bring the web experience to new levels. If you could do a live show what would you do it on? Would it be fiction or non-fiction, comedy or drama? Let me know.

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Scott Crawley said...

Clarence this is an amazing story that you have written here.

I have always known ever since we started working together at Lazzeo that you were going to be a no fluff no hype type person.

And while I was reading this post I get more of a understanding of were you have come from in life.

And that is good because I believe that we will be friend's for quite some time ........... and I would hope forever.

I can kinda relate with what you have said ...... I used to wake up and look for a beer and then drink all day and fall asleep with one.

For so long I tried to quit myself and then I discovered that if God and I was to try this together it could be accomplished.

So now he is my best friend and we walk through sobriety together one step at a time.

And to this day now I do not look for my dream's in a bottle.

So to everyone's success:

Scott Crawley

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