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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Devils In Our Midst

With the New Stadium in Newark, NJ, excitement and interest in the NJ Devils is growing. With that in mind My Perfect Network Answer wants to know who do you think is the Best NJ Devil of All Time.

* Viacheslav Fetisov D, 1989-95
* Doug Gilmour LW, 1996-98
* Lanny McDonald, RW, 1979-81 (Colorado Rockies)
* Peter Stastny, C, 1990-93
* Scott Stevens, D, 1991-2004

are all members of the Hall of Fame? But who is really the best? Join our group NJ Devils Fans and let us know. Also how is your Fantasy Hockey Team doing this season? Share your tips and tricks for that winning combination.

What's a sport's group doing on a business themed Social Network Site? The answer should be obvious. Professional Sports has the best of the best in it rank. Forget about all the scandals, the drugs, and the misconduct by some members. It took a lot of hard work, effort and discipline to make it to the Minors.

Those are the qualities that are need to survive in business. A burning desire to win, reach the next level of development, and surpass past accomplishment are the exist in the winners of business.

It is a wonderful place to see how the ability to work with a team pays off. How even if one meets with defeat on the field, victory is still achieved by not quitting.

There are other benefits to sports. It provides a healthy diversion from business as usual. It also provides a reason to come together and bond. Bonding is a key point in social networking so My Perfect Network Answer address this. The Devils is the first fan group on the site, but the promotes expect that with other sports rivalry going on a NY Rangers groups won't be too far behind.

New Jersey Devils Fan on My Perfect Network Answer

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