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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Anti-Spam Movement - Are You Asking For Something You Really Don't Want

Have we gone to far with the "SPAM" concept? What are the adverse affects of the anti spam movement on internet newbies?

What will the effects be on network marketers efforts to use the internet to build there business?

Limits, More Limits, ACCESS DENIED!!!

What is happening is a slow strangulation of the internet as a free territory
to stake your claim and build your dream.

What is the holy grail of online business? Traffic. Tons of Traffic.
But if you have to pay for pay per click. If Google Browsers like
Chrome are limiting the returned websites, what are the chances of a
newbie who has a lot of desire but no knowledge or skill chance
of making it online?

People are touting "Build a relationship with people". If you don't
get to meet those people how can you build a relationship? Also
let's look at the corner store. I don't need to know who runs the
corner store to go in there and make a purchase.

I just need to know that they have what I want. The fundmental
flaw with the Relationship model is that it doesn't really work.
If building a relationship was key, you could have sold the product,
service, or opportunity to your friends and family because you
had a relationship with them.

People buy what they perceive they want. You walk into a store
to purchase something. Because of how the store is laid out,
or display advertisement you see something else that you fancy.

Your decision to purchase that doesn't come from "Do I like the store
owner? What type of relationship do we have?". No it doesn't.

It has caught your attention and you decided you wanted to give it
a try.

Well, this is all I have for now on the topic. Let me know what you think.


Doktor McNasty said...

I think advertising in general is a horrible thing. How many resources are wasted producing garbage that only sells because of the targeting of people's psychological weaknesses as discovered by Freud and abused by his nephew Edward Bernays in exactly this way? No... you know what if you're doing the right thing you will survive without propaganda (or 'public relations' as it was termed by Bernays). If your business cannot survive without marketing/propaganda/public relations then don't create a niche artificially through the use of these manipulative tools just because your pathetic whiny little ego is more important to you than the good of all. So I'd advise you to take this crap down it's just some thinly-veiled defense of the abomination of spam and you should feel at least as bad about yourself doing it as the common rapist.

Online Business Alliance and Buck Fifty Miracle said...

Just because you don't like advertising doesn't negate it's importance to commerce. People have a right to let people know the choices which are available to them.

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