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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Let's Do It Again - BBBC Launches Second Ad Coop

This time it is local. Less than one month after successfully debuting in
Black Enterprise Magazine, the members of the Black Business Builders
Club are working together to start local Black Business Awareness campaigns.
First stop - Jersey City, NJ

The Bergen Avenue Bus Lines is one of the Old Bus Lines in Jersey City NJ. It
goes from Bayonne to Journal Square. Daily people ride the bus to commute to
work, school, or just the pursuit of entertainment. With Black Community of
over 67 thousand Blacks according to the US Census Bureau 2000 data.

"Making the Black Business Builder Club and the Black Folks Guide a household
name within the Black Community is our goal for 2009 and 2010", stated Clarence
Coggins (aka Crown PRince of WeB 2.0), Project Coordinator.

This project is the genesis of other efforts in our communities which will be a
continuation of a long legacy of Blacks striving for Economic Empowerment and
Financial Freedom. The Black Business Builders Club is a membership organization
that teaches it members how to use the Internet to generate income from home.

The Black Folks Guide to Making Big Money on the Internet was written by Lee
Green, Chairman of the National Black Business Trade Association and Founder
of the Black Business Builders Club. It serves as an guide for members to get
the most out of the club and the internet.

The deadline for participation in the second coop is July 15, 2009. For More
information visit http://hudsonliberty.com/bbbcoop2 or call 973-943-4073

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An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

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