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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Are You A Goddess???

Are you a Goddess??? I was looking for more material to offer people on how to write an ebook and I stumbled across this video. My first Christian instinct was to recoil at the title. But I did see the merits of some of the concepts discussed.

Among the women who I had been dealing with their had been a very serious disconnect with each other. Many women in my community have a hostile attitudes towards other women. The concept of women coming together to accomplish great things is not uncommon.

Putting theology aside, it is important to recognize the true gift that God gave the world when he created women. It is especially on this Valentine Day we celebrate the essence of womanhood which transcends the physical.

Let me know what you think send you emails to 1min@hudsonliberty.com and put Goddess in the subject.

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