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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Message - The Price of Freedom

This is my first direct feed video on Viddler. It is great that the topic would be freedom. It represents change. While most people are used to hearing about Youtube there are many video carriers out there. I had mentioned a while back I was going to be releasing a report on some of the services I use.

"Would you believe I got side-tracked?" The would you believe is in italics because that was one of the favorite lines of Maxwell Smart Agent 86 of the original GET SMART TV show. But it's true. So many new things are emerging on the web. So much to explore and so much to develop.

But I made this video and I talked about Memorial Day. It is kind of a rethinking video. Coming from a revolutionary background, where my father served in the Merchant Marines because of the Segregation that took place at the time and also because he was a Marxist Leninist, my attitudes and opinion of the US military were not always favorable.

But as time has gone on and I've re-examined my core beliefs and values, I've come to appreciate the unique situation the Men and Women of the United States Armed Forces are in. I also think it is also because of the fact that there is no compulsion to serve that has allowed me to look at the matter more objectively.

I first looked at the military as the tool of the Right Wing, Fascist to subjugate, and suppress the rest of the rest of the world for their exploitation. I also looked as the role the National Guard played against the Rioters in Newark. Overall I lumped the Machine in with Ammo.

I now see that was a two simplistic and idealistic view. My current view is that when people answer the call to serve they have made a commitment. That they may be forced to do things they do not like or want to do, but Duty calls for it.

It is my view that even though I may not agree with all the policies of the United States it is only because of Providence, the US Military and the prudent use of them that we are able to enjoy the freedoms which we do.

It is easy to point the finger and call this one or that one bad or evil. It is a testament and tribute to those who have made the ultimate for us to not take the easy way out. That we take the time to get active and look for ways to increase those freedoms and improve the standard of the living.

I know there is a risk of taking a position. But, to not take a position and be willing to through it into the crucible of public scrutiny would be to spit in the face of those who died to make this country free. It is okay to disagree. It is okay to be different. It is even better to be willing to suffer correction in order to get better.

That was part of the spirit which this country was founded upon. The Founding Fathers didn't all agree, but they worked together to form a more perfect union. That is the moral of this blog. That is very important to recognize that we as Americans are at our best when we don't demonize each other. The results of that is schismatic.

This is what is the greatest challenge in America greater than race. It is how we as Americans can cure the bitterness we feel towards each other. How we can heal the riff that holding the country back from it true glory.

Let us use the Day of Memorial Day, to reflect that the Men and Women of our Armed Forces have died so that we can "make a more Perfect Union". Let us be grateful for their efforts and honor their memory with our action. God Bless America. God Bless the Citizens of the United States of America. God Bless those who died in the service of protection of the United States of America.

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