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Friday, May 23, 2008

The Tubby Nerd and The Crown Prince of Web 2.0

ED DALE - Co Founder of The Thirty Day Challenge

Clarence Coggins - Creator of 1 Minute 30 Day Success System

A Mac Manic, Guitar Playing, Aussie Fashionista, Ed Dale is teaching thousands of people who to earn an income from the internet. With the fourth season of the "Thirty Day Challenge" getting ready to launch June 1, 2008, Ed has added some new twist.

He's streaming now. Yes, reality internet has a new champion - Ed Dale and is trusty partner Dan Raine. Part of the reason I got the title of Crown Prince of Web 2.0 was because I interviewed people like Ed for my radio program the 1 Minute 30 Day Success System.

Here is that groundbreaking, exclusive interview.

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Ed said...

Thanks Clarence!!

Claudia said...

Wow Clarence I didn't know you were also doing the 30 day Challenge. It's really the best programme out there. I've paid money befoe and gotten lesss value. Ed and Dan are great!

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