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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Protecting Your Assets from Scams 2010 Holds New Challenges

Protecting your assets from scams has always been an issue. Criminals are working day and night to get your hard earned money. In Yahoo feed this we week they had an article about how people are robbing people at the gas pump without a gun.

The trick uses a device called a skimmer and a camera. “Skimming” means a criminal puts a device over the card reader to capture data from the magnetic strip on credit and debit cards. The Scammers now place cameras also near the keypad to record pin numbers.

Your Identity has never been as at much risk as it is now. This is why all though identity theft can't be completely prevent you can take action to prepare yourself. Also to minimize your risk it may be a good idea to use stored value prepaid card to limit your exposure to thieves. Some cards that I like are Account Now, Wired Plastic, and UltraVX.

Protect you assets by acting proactively find out more about Identity Theft Protection Services.

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