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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mike Achieved #2 Google Ranking in Less Than 7 hours

This was incredible. I could hardly believe it myself. I knew our community was awesome but this was ridculous.

Mike went out. Without a website and using a long, ugly affiliate url, he managed to get the number 2 ranking on the keywords Face Yoga. Now the term may seem odd to many, but face yoga was a recent topic on Oprah Winfrey. And we all know about the Oprah Effect. Whatever she talks about people want to know more about.

This was really great because I recently to the next step in the 1 Minute 30 Day Success System and moved into a bigger vehicle in our community. I talk more about in the following video. But if you can't wait for updates you can join here

We're now on MyLot myLot User Profile

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