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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Training Continues....

Okay, Maybe it's only me and Vic. But when I was 17 I knew everything. Yes there was nothing I didn't know about. It didn't matter what the subject was. It didn't matter whether I was there or not.

As I've grown. I learned 6 years ago, when the World Trade Center(The Massive Explosion that Changed My World) went down I didn't know it all. It was one of the first time when I realized I didn't have the answers. Still to this day I don't know who was ultimately responsible for that horrendous event.

I also learned that I didn't have to smoke. I had just stopped smoking cigarettes a few days prior.(How to Quit Smoking) When the smoked cleared, in spite of the fear, in spite of the anxiety, in spite of the elation (two black sisters, Venus and Serena The Sista Sisters of Tenniswhere competing for the NY Open which was amazing) I didn't need to smoke a cigarette.

The point is was that it took a massive explosion to make a dent in my closed mind. And that dent was critical for me to change a life headed for failure to one en route to success. It is important for me to realize that the world is constantly changing and that I need to constantly increase my knowledge. This one of the things that I liked about the Online Business Alliance. I gave me an opportunity to join a community that could help guide me through all the material out there on the internet and save myself massive time and money.

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