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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Family History

That's my momma. Not the television program. My real mother. Her name is Agatha Coggins. She is a Director in PrePaid Legal. Because I've been doing a lot of training for people via my television shows I have been listening to a lot of the Top Sales Reps of the Prepaid Legal Organization It got me to thinking about my family tree.

The following is the History of Her Side of the Family: Minnie Matthew Reefe:

Approximately two hundred years ago, two brothers bought slaves in the State of Virginia. The brothers, Richard (Robert) Huff and Dick Huff, of Oglethorpe County (Goose Pond District), did not believe in slavery. They purchase "the help" to work the plantation. In exchange for working, "the help" acquired land, a portion of the croups raised, and even learned to read and write: None of the Huff Family was ever slaved [ps. this must mean after they were purchased by the Huff Brothers and set free], and the family owned the largest portion of Goose Pond District.

One brother, Richard Huff, bought Kitty Huff who became the housekeeper. She bore six children by the names of Lumpin, Wooden, Sire, Jim, William and Enus. Upon Richard Huff's death, Kitty inherited eight hundred acres of land which she split with her children.

The other brother, Dick Huff, bought a set of sisters by the names: Margaret, Julia and Nina Huff. Nina never marred or had children. Julia become Julia Huff Hubbard, and she had two sons, Frank and Henry Hubbard. The last sister, Margaret, married kitty's son, William Huff. They raised eight children, namely: Robert, Mandy, Julia, Minnie, Ford, Dease, William and Jim.

Robert was the oldest sibling born March 15, 1859. He joined Rocky Branch Baptist Church at an early age. He acted as a deacon until his death on December 13, 1952. Robert was father to Robert, Jr., Murden, Louise, Bessie, Claude, and Willie B. Bradford (stepson). Of these children only Bessie (usually know as Aunt Clay) is still alive. Because of here, and the blessing of her memory, we, the Huff Family have a history. Help fund the expansion of this history project by joining here.

More of the tree to come.

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