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Thursday, March 13, 2008

African American History Found Not Worthy

In a way it is the fault of the limited mind proponents that started the study of African American history with just Jamestown. But it is more a validation that society at large does not value the experiences and contribution the Black Americans have made to world history.

Charles Drew, Mathew Henderson, Prince Hall, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Bill Cosby are not worth study and not to be held with the same regard as the Latin Americans or Asian History. The reality of the situation is that African American history is a result of the omission of African Americans in American History.

I thank God for my parents who educated me to my culture so that I wasn't dependent on any college system to validate my importance. It is truly unfortunate that the Black Students today are so duped on multiculturalism to the exclusion of their own contributions.

For Immediate Release February 26, 2008


In a startling move, the Community College Academic Officer’s Association (CCAOA) of New Jersey excluded African American History from the New Jersey Community College General Education curriculum. The murder of African American History within the academic curriculum directly contradicts the State’s recent apology for slavery. The Association’s reasoning that African American history is about a “subset” of people creates even more dissonance with the supposed apology.

African American history was the only history excluded. The Association accepted Latin American History, Asian Civilization, American History, World Civilization and Survey of African History with the explanation that these courses are more “global” in nature. The use of the term “subset” to describe African Americans is reminiscent of the historical 3/5 of a person designation for southern slaves.

The restructure comes as an outgrowth of the new Lampett transfer legislation. The Lampett Legislation will require all four year colleges to accept all of the General Education courses a student completes when they graduate from a two New Jersey Community College with an Associates degree. The omission of African American History from the General Education category reduces the likelihood that students will be exposed to this important part of American history. Importantly, this categorization invalidates the important history and critical contribution of 14% of the population of New Jersey that is African American and the overall move towards a global economy.

The CCAOA also removed all African American and Women's literature courses from the General Education curriculum. This move to eliminate these courses is very far reaching. It affects all community colleges and their students through out the entire State of New Jersey. Ironically, the State passed the Amistad Legislation in 2002 which mandates the incorporation African American history into the teaching of American history in all primary and secondary schools through out the state.

The Newark Branch of the NAACP, New Black Panther Party – Newark Chapter, the African Commission of the City of Newark, and the Coalition of Concerned Educators of New Jersey (CCENJ) are diametrically opposed to this action. Educators are in the process of appealing this inexplicably narrow minded decision. For more information contact murderofafricanamericanhistory@gmail.com

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