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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Auntie Eve Return Home Tonight

Evelyn Carter born Evelyn Coggins, return home to the lord tonight. I had discussed plans to go see her in the hospital today with my mother, but the didn't materialize. Fortunately, my mother did get to see her one last time today.

I got the call a few minutes ago from my Cousin Guy. He had called me yesterday to let me know that his mother was had been transferred to East Orange General Hospital. I had done a three way with him to let him give my mother the information also.

It was an odd day. I had been receiving various calls today about the radio shows. I also was battling a cold. Taking lots of vitamin Cs and getting rest to combat it effects.

Just before I was on my way going a fellowship meeting I received a phone call for help. I did my best to do what I could with my limited power and turned rest to the infinite power of God.

I'm still not fully registering the passing of my Auntie Eve. I'll be putting down more on her life over the next few days as things progress. I will end on this note with her passing one generation of Coggins' have finally return home. Now she is with her brothers Carl, Clarence, Frank, and her sisters Margie and Sylvia.

God bless you Auntie Eve. Our prayers are with you cousin Guy.

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