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Sunday, March 16, 2008

BlendTalk Radio Wants to Hear You

What do you get when you combine an open mic, AM
radio station, Video Webcast , Awesome Personalities and

BlendTalk Radio (TM) - The pilot project of
WVSR 1360.1 AM of Philadelphia, PA and the Hudson
Liberty Broadcast Network.

We've Got Oprah, Tolle, Jack Canfield, Dr. Joe Capista,
Fay Daley, Tonya Blount, Dr. Cynthia Hunter, and more

It's fun, it's exciting, It's the right
place for you.

You can get books and items we discuss from our radio
gift shop

Call in (646) 595-4215 Enjoy and pass it on.
Make sure you subscribe.
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Clarence Coggins

Our Youtube Channel
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