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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thank You Sister Aishah Muhammad and Minister Louis Farrahkan

I want to thank everyone who attended and sent representatives to honor the coming home of Evelyn Esther Carter, (July 6, 1921 - March 2, 2008). Especially Sis. Aishah Muhammad, who brought well wishes for the family from the Nation of Islam and the Minister Louis Farrahkan; Christian Love Ministries; Cotton Funeral Home Newark; and all those who attended early this day.

Sister Aishah read the following poem which was written by my cousin Guy Eric Carter:

Her face is the face you've come to know as well as you know your own.
Her voice is the voice you long to hear when you're sad or just alone.
Her hands are the hands that reach out first to comfort, help, or guide.
Her heart is the heart that understands who you really are inside.
Her care is the care you count on and need more than any other.
Her Name is the word that means love to the world.
And that wonderful name is MOTHER.
I'm thankful for the things you are and for things you've done
to make my world a better place, my life a happier one...
And I hope you understand how proud I'll always be
to have a special MOTHER, who means so much to me.

Copyright 2008, Guy Eric Carter

My Auntie Ev when to and graduate from Dickerson High School In Jersey City, New Jersey. Known to everyone as Evelyn (except for me) or "Eve", she was a the kind of person who loved people especially her family. We had great times at Christmas, New Years and Thanksgiving.

I remember I would constantly eat the fruit cake that she had brought for my father because we bore the same name. I can remember my father going over to watch wrestling. She loved Tiger Woods.

During one of the many political campaigns she worked on with my father she fell in love with doing Crypto-quotes in Star-Ledger. She also had other puzzles she loved to do.

I remember when she was living in Jersey City on Myrtle Avenue and the dog Duke. I remember when I was a child and I used to love the personal gifts that my Uncle Frank Coggins and Aunt Nancy would make.

She also loved game shows and soap opera's. Shopping and going to Atlantic City was also something she loved to do.

She was employed by the RCA Corporation and later, First Fidelity Bank, now known as Wachovia Bank, from where she retired.

Evelyn was survived by her loving son, Guy Eric Carter, a daughter in law, Sherry Carter Weaver, two granddaughters Bree and Arielle Carter and a host of nieces, nephews, others relatives and many friends.

I'll talk more about the services and everything over the course of the next few days.

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